Live-In Program

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The Lower Allen Fire Company No. 1  is always looking for new college and work Live-Ins. Less than ten miles away from Harrisburg Area Community College and it’s Fire Science program, Messiah College, Central Penn, Harrisburg University, Temple and many more schools, the LAFD offers state-of-the-art living quarters. The LAFD is capable to house Live-In’s at both of our stations.

Our program, under the coordination of Lower Allen Township Department of Public Safety Fire Captain Frank Wirth, provides many opportunities for your future in the fire service. Under his direction, our live-in program is ever evolving. Currently, we are offering a Tuition Reimbursement with stipend for those who qualify. What does that mean to you? We will pay you to go to college and provide you an allowance to live at the station while not holding down a job. Our focus is on your studies to better your education and provide for the residents of Lower Allen Township and surrounding areas. This also allows you to increase your confidence as a firefighter with more training and camaraderie within the LAFD. These opportunities will assist those looking to move forward as a career firefighter. Many previous live-ins have gone on to be paid firefighters outside the Central PA area.

Our college dorms are at our Headquarters station (station 1), 2233 Gettysburg Rd. The dorms are split in to 4 separate rooms, split into 2 sets of 2. Each set of dormitories share a common hall and bathroom/shower facility. This station also has an available bunk room for additional live-ins as needed. . Station 1 features a full kitchen, a lounge, state-of-the-art gym, training/meeting room, laundry room and a watch office. Station 1 houses Squad 12, Engine 3-12, Truck 12 and Utility 12.  It shares the apparatus bays with Lower Allen Township EMS.

Lower Allen Station 2 (Rupp) is located at 800 Rupp Avenue, just outside of Shiremanstown.  The bunk room at Station 2 is a single bunk room with six bunks and has two bathrooms; one each for male and females. Station 2 has a full kitchen, a day room, a laundry room and a watch office. Station 2 houses Engine 1-12 and Rescue 12.

Why you should choose to live at the Lower Allen Township Fire Department?
The Lower Allen Township Fire Department responds to approximately 650+ runs a year from two stations. The LAFD provides mutual aid to many neighboring municipalities on a regular basis and on a variety of different incidents. There are four major highways running through Lower Allen Township, as well as many other heavily traveled roads. Lower Allen Township is a diverse municipality made up of many different types of occupancies including, but not limited to, residential homes, apartment complexes, a state prison complex, warehouses, trucking terminals, rural land and strip malls. There are over 17,000 residents living in the township but with the large business industry in the township, that number grows daily. The township is approximately 10 square miles in size.

When not responding on incidents, our main goal is to provide the best possible fire protection possible to the residents we serve. Our aggressive training program includes weekly training, multiple certification courses throughout the year and the ability to offer you the chance to take most fire related certifications offered in the area.

The LAFD is very active in a Fire Prevention and Education program. This not only includes Fire Prevention week in October, but a smoke detector campaign that started in 2008. The LAFD is constantly keeping Lower Allen Township a safe place to live and work in on a daily basis.

What do you get as a LAFD Live-In?
• Free room
• Paid training
• Volunteer Retirement Program
• Modern apparatus
• Close proximity to several local colleges (HACC, Messiah, York, Central Penn, etc.)
• Computer and wireless Internet access
• Free washer/dryer use
• Full kitchen and lounge areas
• Two days off per week

What does the LAFD get from you, a Live-In?
• Run response five days per week
• Various station chores
• Minimum 2.5 GPA

Requirements for becoming a LAFD Live-In
• Mods A, B, C, D / Essentials of Firefighting / or equivalent
• Hazardous Materials Operations
You must possess a Certificate of Completion for both classes prior to moving in


If you are interested in becoming a LAFD Live-In, contact Membership Committee